Инструкция на bocoin z800

инструкция на bocoin z800
The deep resonance that you can hear on the recording is because of where I’ve placed the recording device on the case and is not audible in real use. Fast forward four years and times have changed. The power supply The original Z800 comes with a power supply engineered by HP to fit the genuine HP case. It is, of course, totally incompatible with a standard PC case so I needed a standard PC power supply that met the requirements of the board. Most of the names in HP’s pinout have an obvious mapping to the ATX standard but there are some that need an explanation. The solution was to disable some of the unwanted onboard peripherals, something that also speeded up the POST process. The thing is, they are all SATA-2 3Gb/s and I’m planning on connecting a Samsung EVO 840 240Gb SSD as my primary OS and programs disk.

They can be ignored. A month or so ago I replaced my 002 series motherboard with an 003 series that I found on ebay for a decent price. Прошивайте Nokia 6303 classic только прошивкой для этой модели! The mounting screws will not mate with any of the ATX holes in a motherboard tray. The second issue is the pinout. It’s not the same as the standard ATX pinout at all. To solve this issue I cut the wires of the extension cable around the center and simply remapped them to match the standard by soldering the ends together.

Pin 7 = No wire attached in xw6400 Pin 8 = Front panel switch for power on/off… thick white wire attached. Windows 8.1’s fast boot mode would sometimes cause the computer to do an immediate power-off as soon as the boot started. Worse than worse, restoring the previous graphics card also would not POST. I honestly thought I’d fried the entire motherboard. Now all my modifications are done, it’s time to put it all together in the case and do a quick test. They’re using the popular Asmedia ASM1061 chip in a QFN package as the SATA controller. The main ATX power connector and the memory power connector are custom HP designs.

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