Joomla 2 5 falang инструкция

joomla 2 5 falang инструкция
Languages are now configured and should be visible in the Falang dropdown list. If this is not the case there is somewhere a problem with the configuration of your content languages. Следует помнить, что особенности Joomla таковы, что нужно создавать и третье меню — для всех языков. You will then see all of your content elements listed. The language configuration is located in the Language Manager. Your system language for joomla 3.3 is now configured to work with or without Falang You can move on to the second part of this tutorial: Insallation and configuration of Falang (joomla 3).

You will need a different pack for each language you want on your site. Joomla! 3.7 is the eighth and latest release in the 3.x series. The language switcher does not translate the content of the articles.

Can select which event(s) and which fields to include data from. The list of menu items can then be seen once you save the item, note the translation displays, and there is a green tick.Refresh the page to see your translations. An article translation follows the same process. Сайт называется так: Maine-coon cattery. В русской версии title сайта переводим как: кошачий питомник мейнкунов.

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