Инструкция к vitesse vs 522

инструкция к vitesse vs 522
The 3-round burst mode «3» and the fully automatic «20» position can be disabled by a rotating safety guard to avert accidentally activating the continuous fire mode. Пока вы можете ознакомиться с руководством для похожей модели, оно тоже может быть очень полезно. The SG 551 comes in several specialized variants designed for use with security and special forces. References[edit] ^ Tom, Tjaarda. «Fiat 124 Spyder Design Story». spidersweb.nl. However, late in 2013, a gun dealer had imported some PE 90 rifles from Switzerland and brought them to Canada for sale. Dates for your diary Press kitsFind the latest company background, boilerplates, and overviews of our safety and efficiency technologies.

The SG 551 cannot be used with a bayonet or fire rifle grenades. The interior is also updated with new fabrics and a revised Blue&Me system. Get to know what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. Retrieved 25 December 2014. ^ «Harper Government amends firearms classifications regulations». news.gc.ca. Surplus gas and powder residues are evacuated through an exhaust port in the gas cylinder. Accessories[edit] Stgw 90 bayonet made by Wenger Both the rifle and carbine come standard with a spare magazine, sling, cleaning kit and a loading aid for rapid magazine filling.

The new engines do not replace the previous engines (1.2 Fire, 1.4 MultiAir, 1.3 MultiJet and 1.6 MultiJet). The 2012 Punto has updated front and rear bumper clips along with new alloy wheels. The barrel, bolt, bolt carrier, and firing pin are all made with steel that has been gas nitrided, hardened and tempered. The steel receiver housing and several other components are manufactured using stamping and welding; external steel surfaces are finished with a ceramic-reinforced enamel coat known as Ilaflon.[2][3] The gas system’s components are made of stainless steel.

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